Battling a Gym In Pokemon Go

November 18th, 2018

Gyms are the battle arenas of the Pokemon Go world. Once you reach level 5 you are granted the opportunity to pick a team and the ability to battle in Gyms. In the Gyms you can fight other players Pokemon, take over the Gym with your Pokemon and defend the Gym from attack with your team mates. The longer you hold a Gym for the more in-game coins you earn.

The Pokemons ability to have success in the Gyms comes down to the stats of the Pokemon you place into the Gym. Pokemon with stronger Hit Points (HP) and Combat Power (CP) have a stronger chance at succeeding in Gym Battles. Certain Pokemon have more powerful attacks against other Pokemon and this also determines whether or not they will be successful in a Gym.

All the Pokemon in a Gym also have a motivation measurement. This measures the Pokemons desire to defind the Gym. Trainers from other teams will battle your Pokemon reducing the motivation of the Pokemon. Pokemon will also gradually lose motivation over time. When a Pokemon looses motivation it slowly gets weaker in battle. When a Pokemon looses all its motivation the Pokemon will return to its trainer.

You can increase the motivation of Pokemon in your own teams Gym by giving the Pokemon treats.

Battling other teams in a gym

Find a Gym near you and get close enough that you are able to enter. Touch the gym to open and slect the battle button. Here you should choose what Pokemon you think are your strongest to beat this Gym. You can bring up to six Pokemon to battle in the Gym.
Its good to bring Pokemon with high CP and high HP into the Gym for battle but note that these Pokemon may not always beat certain Pokemon. Depending what Pokemon are in the Gym you should try different combinations of strong Pokemon to beat the Gym.

There are three different actions you can perform in a Gym. Fast attack tapping anywhere on the screen will activate your fast attack. This is the easiest way to attack a opponent. Charged attack is your stronger attack. Once the charged attack meter is full you can click this button to perform a charged attack. This performs more damage than a fast attack. Dodging is used by swiping left and right. This avoids attacks from the opponent.

Once you reduce an opponents HP to zero the Pokemon will faint and you will win that round. You must win every round to successfully take over the Gym.

Claim a gym for your team

Open Gyms are white on the map. When you see an open Gym you can click on it and put a Pokemon inside which will claim it for your team. A team can have up to 6 Pokemon inside a Gym at once but you can only put one Pokemon in so make sure you select a strong defender.

Giving Pokemon treats

You can give Pokemon in Gyms owned by your team treats such as Berries to increase Pokemon motivation and keep your team in control of a Gym for longer. Simply visit a Gym controlled by your team and touch the berry button in the bottom left on the Pokemon you want to give a treat. By giving a Pokemon a treat you increase motivation and help that Pokemon stay in the Gym for longer.

Earning free PokeCoins in a gym

You receive Free PokeCoins by the length of time you keep a Pokemon in a Gym. The longer your Pokemon stays inside the Gym the more free PokeCoins you will earn. When your Pokemon leaves a gym it will return to you with its free PokeCoins.