Pokemon Go Trainer Battles

December 4th, 2018

Pokemon Go Trainer Battles allow you to battle with friends in Great League, Ultra League or Master League and see who comes out on top. Both participants of Trainer Battles will receive great rewards including a chance at rare Evolution items.


The Trainer Leagues

The three main trainer leagues are the Great League, Ultra League or Master League.

The Great League is the lowest league and has a max CP of 1500 per Pokemon

The Ultra League is the middle league of the three and has a max CP of 2500 per Pokemon

The Master League is the highest league possible and has no limit on the CP of Pokemon



How to compete in a trainer battle

Users are able to battle by sharing there Battle Code with other trainers. You can share your Battle Code on FriendHuntr to help find Trainer Battles to compete in. Trainers will have to be nearby to compete in a battle with the exception of any ultra or best friends. You can compete with your ultra or best friends from anywhere in the world.


Practising in trainer battles

You can practice trainer battles and sharpen your skills by training against team leaders Spark, Candela, and Blanche. You can earn rewards once per day with training with a team leader. This is a great way to perfect your skills before going into battle.