Want your area to be scanned as part of our testing phase? We're currently on the lookout for a city or two to be our next testing city, after Santa Monica.
Enter the city you want to win below. The current top 25 cities are shown below.

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Voting has now closed and the top five locations were London, UK, New York City, USA, Irvine, USA, Merida, Mexico and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam they now have active scanning.
Watch this space, we'll be asking for your help again soon as we move further on into our testing phase
# Location
1 London, United Kingdom
2 New York City, United States
3 Irvine, United States
4 Merida, Mexico
5 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
6 Rome, Italy
7 Sao Paulo, Brazil
8 St Louis, United States
9 Catania, Italy
10 Buenos Aires, Argentina
11 Milano, Italy
12 Vienna, Austria
13 Bogota, Colombia
14 Telford, United Kingdom
15 Medellin, Colombia
16 Bengaluru, India
17 Santiago, Chile
18 Reggio nellEmilia, Italy
19 Hamilton, Canada
20 City of London, United Kingdom
21 Athens, Greece
22 Bologna, Italy
23 Beaver Dam, United States
24 Monterrey, Mexico
25 Mumbai, India